Rob Ford


We live in the GTA (but not in the voting area) so I thought I would get my bit in about Rob Ford. I don’t know the truth. I don’t even care. If he does have issues I just hope he has the strength to recover and move on.

It seems to be an all out war to bring him down. For whatever the reasons behind it (yes, I have my list) I just wish it would stop. We have been promoting anti-bullying campaigns all across this nation. Another do as I say, not as I do? How would they feel if they caused something horrible to happen?

Many comments from the public are blaming liberal-left wing people for all this. When I found out that my brother-in-law voted for him, I wasn’t happy. I refuse to label myself but am an admitted fan of the late Jack Layton.

(Not that I agree with all the NDP ideas. Carbon Tax is a bad idea. It doesn’t help the environment in any way. Bad, bad idea! We need rules that companies must abide by or else. No money, no tax. Follow the rules or you are shut down. End of story.)

I was never a Rob Ford fan but I can’t stand to see this happening. I wish the best  for him, to get well, stay strong, go back and kick ass! As for the press and people behind this mess, get a heart. It’s one thing to put out facts, try to help someone and another to start an all out attack on a person. Such a shame. From someone most would label left wing pinko… according to Grapes.  ;)


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