I tend to fill my bookmarks with articles I read, think I’ll write about then never do. I have to admit  being lazy when it comes to my blog. I know why. I am not  writing about the things I am truly passionate about. Which is news, politics, world relations, corruption, on and on.

There was a time when I loved nothing more than to ramble on about it. But it is negative and upsetting. It felt like all I was spreading was gloom. Years later, I stopped and just posted headlines for those interested. I’m not very good at writing, not as educated as people who have these wonderful blogs that I envy for having that ability. But I do have concerns like everyone else. I supposed I could learn all the necessary rules for writing, grammar, punctuation. Once again, I’m lazy. There are other things I want to invest my time in. Maybe I’ll take baby steps.

To be honest, when I had another blog that showed exactly who was reading your posts, it frightened me a little when I saw various government people reading it. Then an article I wrote was referred to on one university site. I sat back and wondered if I wanted this kind of attention. Writing about things people in power don’t want you to write about can come with consequences. Not that I think I am that important in the scheme of things. Surely there are more important and influential blogs they worry about. Guess I chickened out. Will I get back into it?Maybe.

For now, I’ll just post a few headlines that made me shake my head:

CRA official in plot to frame Caledon mayor

Acetaminophen linked to rare fatal skin reactions, FDA says

Defence company demands compensation after armoured vehicle project cancelled

Lawsuit filed in Washington state claims B.C. smelter’s toxins caused disease

Federal job stimulus money went to fixing church floor, curling club

Harper government gave oil and pipeline companies $400M to go green

National Defence spent $14,000 on poll about superheroes’ powers

I don’t know about you but I get so tired of reading about how the money Canadians give the government is being spent. The corruption, the things they hide, things they fund that are not helping anything but their quest for influence and power.

We are held to their laws of being transparent, following rules and regulations that they ignore and get away with. We get fined, get fired, go to jail. They are rarely held accountable for anything. Which is why they privatize whatever they can get away with and then give the companies a promise of never being held accountable for their misdeeds. Companies that get the public to pay for the mess they leave behind, take our money then leave the country.

It’s like the money we give the government gets handed over to companies to cover wages. We give them our money, they take it and then make us work to get it back. Maybe I am wrong.

That’s as far as I’ll go today.

Oh, just a fun tidbit for news. This is my secret pleasure:

(Everyone knows how cheap I am. I would love to spend the money on a subscription but can’t afford to.)

I go to Intelligence Online. Even though I can’t read most of the articles, I can read the headlines. Better yet, the list of keywords. Using these, I can search things on my own. It’s fun to see what comes up.

Another news source I always look forward to reading is Pepe Escobar over at Asia Times.


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