How Many Americans Are Going To Wish They Were Back Home?

When I first read this article about the US Military Base getting permission to relocate from Okinawa to another area on the island, I felt a deep sense of despair. What about Fukushima and the nuclear fallout? How many troops were there and why are they still there? The article states some 50,000 troops are based in the area.

This BBC article states 26,000.

I decided to look a bit deeper and found some of the sailors are taking Tokyo Electric Power Company to court due to illness after being exposed to radiation.

You can read some accounts of what they experienced and watch videos they have links to here.

There are also questions about GE knowing there could be issues with the equipment according to this article.

And I am sure everyone has heard about the Stuxnet theory.

One thing we do know is this all started with a natural disaster and a loss of hydro electricity.

Loss of power at any nuclear facility spells disaster. Knowing that the danger to humans can last for years it makes me wonder why nuclear energy is accepted anywhere. All it takes is a loss of power. I don’t know about you but it doesn’t seem worth it to me. This forum provides information about the half-life and other things to expect after a fallout.

What about storing the waste? The CBC states there are two million high-level radioactive fuel bundles sitting at temporary storage sites in Canada and could cost upwards of  $24 billion. They also mention it may have a shelf life of tens of thousands of years.

I guess we just hope we never lose our power for any length of time.

I feel terrible for anyone living on the island and for the troops that can’t leave even if they want to.


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