Geo-engineering no Holy Grail – study | Bangkok Post: news

“Far from offering a simple fix, sci-fi solutions to global warming may in fact make the problem worse, a probe of “geo-engineering” options said on Tuesday.”

via Geo-engineering no Holy Grail – study | Bangkok Post: news.

Every article I read says the results are from simulated tests. When are they going to come out with the fact that they have been testing this for decades not  “simulating?” (Maybe not the ones mentioned in the article have been)

From the same article it says the “Ideas, mainly experimental or untested, include building mirrors in space to reflect the Sun’s rays or growing plankton to boost absorption of heat-trapping carbon dioxide (CO2).”

Be sure to read this 115 page chart to see what geoengineering projects are being done world wide.

Go to the ETC Group website. OR

Hands Off Mother Earth

It also states “the side effects could be as bad as the climate change effects that they are trying to prevent.”

It “could also boost sea levels, reduce the surface reflectiveness (albedo) in some regions of the world and cause higher local temperatures, remove oxygen from the ocean, and deplete the ozone layer.”


“geo-engineering projects carry an unknown economic cost and face legal and political hurdles, previous research has found.”


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