‘Strong Case’ for Companies to Mine Moon, Says Scientist

A leading scientist has said that there is a “strong case” for changing international law to allow private companies to mine the moon.

via ‘Strong Case’ for Companies to Mine Moon, Says Scientist.

From the same article:

“The moon is full of resources – mainly rare earth elements, titanium, and uranium, which Earth is really short of, and these resources can be used without limitation,” said Prof Ouyang Ziyuan of the department of lunar and deep space exploration.

And this:

Google recently offered a $420 million reward to the first private company to land a vehicle on the moon and travel across its surface.

A space drill developed by a firm based in Sudbury, Ont., could be boring for water on the moon in less than five years — if everything goes according to plan.

It would also signal the start of the space mining industry.

From Winnipeg Free Press

“Canada has to pay the bill on this particular technology and hand it over to NASA for launch and integration into their system,” Boucher said.

He warned that if Canada decides it doesn’t want to participate, other countries are “very keen” on providing the drilling technologies and becoming a partner with the Americans.



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