New Geoengineering Site

When I found the GeoMap chart compiled by the ETC Group, it was like finding a nugget of gold! How many times have we been told we were making this stuff up? Evidence was there to be had all along. I could just leave a link to GeoMap for all the people who troll blogs to debunk the truth.

Once I started reading the chart, my curiosity perked. What has become of the projects since it was put up? I wanted a quick way of looking into everything that is going on right now, or finding out how things worked out.

So, I have started compiling a list of the projects/companies from the chart (adding new ones that I find too). That way I can click on a link to stay up-to-date.

I have to admit some of the projects sound promising. Others, not so much.

The BioChar and Algae projects for use in absorbing bad waste and CO2 sounds like a good thing. Then I get thinking they are like sponges. They take these sponges full of the bad stuff and use it to put into soil (crops?) and for fuel. Does that just mean the bad stuff is just being transferred to another area? Or have they been cleaned up before hand. I don’t know. Still trying to find some information on that. Anyone out there know?

Anyway, here is the link for my site. It’s not fancy and I have a ways to go before all the information gets up and sorted out.


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