Annie’s natural foods, Carlyle Group: same top shareholders, by Jon Rappoport, March 4, 2014

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

The images of these companies couldn’t be connected in your wildest dreams.

One, a natural foods outfit. The other a shadowy elite with big front men like George HW Bush and James Baker and John Major.

One company started in a garden and a home kitchen. The other started behind the curtain of global economics.

With Annie’s you get organic bunny fruit snacks. With Carlyle you get a business relationship with the bin Laden family. You get a major defense contractor, because Carlyle invested in defense corporations at a time when Bush Sr. was its PR star, and his son, in the White House, was jacking up the Pentagon budget.

The catch is, Annie’s and Carlyle are both publicly traded companies.

The second top shareholder, at the moment, in Annie’s is FMR, LLC, an investment fund. FMR holds 1,281,588 shares of Annie’s.

FMR is also the second top shareholder…

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