Can Anyone Answer This For Me?

I have been looking into algae and/or salts being used as filters to capture CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. The trend has been how to capture and store the carbon. It can then be put to use in gas/oil recovery by injecting it into the ground. Lately, I have been reading about it being burned and turned into charcoal then used for soil amendment, feedstock, dumping it in the water and fuel. Some of the algae product has also been used to make wallboard/drywall used in our homes. It seems it might not only be the board from China according to some  that were tested.

The algae from coal plants may contain mercury. So, my question is:

I know the algae is filtering/absorbing the CO2 but what other toxins is it absorbing? It can’t just be picking CO2. If this product is being recycled/reused, has it been tested for other harmful toxins or are they just transferring the problem somewhere else?

I’m not completely dumb but everything I have found on the subject doesn’t mention it being cleaned up. Anything truly scientific is just way over my head and I can’t understand it. I could take the time figure it out, but that would be ages, and I’d love it if anyone out there had a “for dummies” explanation.


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