What is Going on?

I was just over at Earth Changing Extremities and saw these headlines:

35 TONS Of Dead Fish Found In A Reservoir In Jiangxi, China

Thousands Of Dead Fish Found In A River In Vinh City, Vietnam

Large Fish Die Off In Ponds In Foshan City, China

21,000 Sea Birds Killed By Storms Is ‘Historic’ Along Coast Of France

4 TONS Of Dead Fish Found Floating In A Lake In Kampong Cham, Cambodia

10 MILLION Scallops Have Died In The Waters Near Vancouver, Canada

Hundreds Of Frogs Found Dead In And Around A Lake In Curragh, Rep Of Ireland

Hundreds Of Fish Wash Up Dead On Beaches On Reunion Island, Near Madagascar

800+ Dead Turtles Found On Beaches In Andhra Pradesh, India

100 Dolphins, Turtles, Sea Lions And Sea Birds Turn Up Dead Along Coast Of Peru

Hundreds Of Dead Fish Appear In Freshwater Lake, ‘Never Seen Before’ In Dongguan, China

Thousands Of Dead Crabs Plus Other Marine Species Found On Beach ‘Causing Concern’ In Antofagasta, Chile

600+ Sea Birds Washed Up Dead On Beaches In Jersey, United Kingdom

What is going on? The list just keeps getting longer as the day goes by.


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