Soviets Spent $1 Billion on “Unconventional” Science and Mind Control | Gizmodo India

According to Kernbach, Soviet funding for the research mostly dried up in the 21st century-but that doesn’t mean psychotronics still doesn’t rear its strange head every once in a while. In 2007, for example, Wired reported that the Department of Homeland Security was interested in working with a contractor connected to Igor Smirnov, a Rasputin-like character dubbed the “father of psychotronic weapons.” Nothing’s been reported on the deal since, which means it didn’t happen or… you know.

via Soviets Spent $1 Billion on “Unconventional” Science and Mind Control | Gizmodo India.

Pressing Refresh Notes:

I find this subject fascinating. Whether you believe it or not, one thing we can’t ignore is that the mind is a very powerful tool.

There is science backing the idea that the brain “could receive and transmit a certain kind of high frequency electromagnetic radiation and that this could influence other objects too.” (quote from above article)

I think everyone can agree how powerful our thoughts are. Everything we believe and think is based on what we take in. Imagine if you were raised in an environment where you were told you held all these special powers, that would be all you knew, and small things “happened” (whether set up or not) from time to time. You would realize you were special, you were powerful, unafraid, nothing could stop you! You know nothing but that. Your mind would be wired for it.

Imagine the opposite. You are worthless, they are out to get you, there is only bad out there.

All anyone needs is to believe enough about something, and it becomes their reality, for good or bad. And that can be real enough to have the desired outcome.

The fact that many governments have funded such programs should tell you it is not all fantasy.


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