» When the Rivers Run Black

According to the American Coal Ash Association, the nation churns out nearly 65 million tons of coal ash annually. However, despite the fact that it is replete with toxins, coal ash is essentially unregulated by the federal government, with oversight meant to happen at state level. Yet most states handle the material with less precaution than your standard household garbage.

The “best” use for coal ash, say scientists, is to recycle it and use it in cement, which means the contaminants get locked in and cannot leach out. But there are a range of other recycling methods, including using it in asphalt and wallboard, spreading it as a soil amendment, or using it as a substitute for salt on icy roads. One particularly novel method of disposal is dumping it into abandoned mines. Most coal ash, though, is simply carted off to landfills or placed in retaining ponds like the one at Kingston. Many of the ponds, including Kingston’s failed one, are not just built to contain the coal ash, but actually use it as a construction material in their dams and dikes.

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When the Rivers Run Black

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I had been trying to find out if the waste was just being recycled and not cleaned up first. Looks like I have my answer. The problem is just being transferred not fixed.

You know, all of this really pisses me off. Everything is all about climate change now. Carbon reduction.

They have been using geoengineering for 50 years or more now. How can anyone talk climate change with a straight face and not question what role it has played? We really have no idea what our climate would be like right now, had we left it alone.

I’m not saying our existence and things we do are harmless. Carbon capture and climate change has eliminated the pressure for companies to clean up their act on real poisons and toxins. The kind cause cancer, the kind that pollute the land and water.

So, while climate change and CO2 will not kill anyone (in the very near future) living near these companies, pipelines, water ways, we all jump on the apple cart and join the ride. Screw the people suffering from the real and present problems they cause.

Those things don’t seem to matter anymore.

Now they are trying to push the pipelines by using the Russia/Ukraine so-called crisis. We must do this to pay Russia back for their evil deeds. Holy crap. I shake my head, any excuse will do.

I have to go find my happy place now, listen to some music or the “Kid President” video I posted earlier.


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