D.B. Weldon Library Notes. Thought Number One.

I have decided to write several mini posts instead of one long boring one.

Please remember I am not claiming to be right or that I am anywhere close to being clever enough to solve the puzzle. I just want to play because it grabbed my interest. I have never even been inside a university let alone attended one.

I have an irrational fear of math and my highest grade in high school for it was 51%. I think my teacher just passed me to be nice. 🙂 (Not proud of it, just stating a fact.)

You can find these on my pinterest board:

math 1 math2

Onto my first thought…

I think this  is the doing of a student or professor at Western’s Ivey Business School.


Because I can’t solve it using the alphabet! (smiles) All the pictograms I did, the publisher’s were kind enough to provide spaces, periods and question marks, making it easier to solve.

I’m not saying there isn’t a message. Any of the symbols might end up being used for them. The 2 “wall fish” are the things that keep making me second guessing myself. They could end up being quotes or brackets.

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. (Presuming they are using it) I read there are 52 different symbols being used in the notes. Someone said there might be a simple explanation: Upper and lower case. (26 times 2 is 52)

There are also 52 cards in a deck…which leads me back to math and it being a numbers game.

It may not be the message, it may be about patterns. Making order out of chaos. Finding a pattern where we think one might not exist. The trick is to find a connection in what might seem random, then use it as way to count or to keep a record of. Statistics.

Just a thought…

My next one will be up shortly.





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