Remember The Cryptogram Notes at D.B. Weldon Library?

Remember The Cryptogram Notes at D.B. Weldon Library?

I can’t stop  thinking about them! Even though I will never solve it (way out of my league) I do love a good mystery.

I have come to my own theory and will post it some time today. It doesn’t solve it, just some thoughts.

Before I do, for those of you not aware of these notes, I will leave you with a list of sites where people are talking about it.

If there are more, please drop me a comment. I am not on twitter or facebook, which is probably where most of the action is. It ALMOST makes me want to join up because I am feeling left out of the loop!

Here is how it all started:

A professor at Western University blogged:

I was in the D.B. Weldon library at Western University on Sunday and discovered some form of cryptogram in one of the books in the 3rd floor stacks. This puzzle is really bothering me – I will pay $100 to anyone that can solve it.

His blog can be found here. It doesn’t seem to be updating or very active lately. I heard there has been a new note found but it has not been posted there. Questions are asked and not answered. But all the notes and information can be found there.

Since then, several people have been blogging about this puzzle.

The empty blog that was written on one of the notes can be found here.

Reddit has a section on it here.

Some awesome person has digitized the notes in MS paint. It can be found here. All 18 letters have been put neatly into one post here.

has blogged about it here.

I’ll start working on my post and what I think it might be about. It could take a while. Until then, if you have something to add or want your stuff included in the list, drop me a comment.


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  1. […] You can find out about the mystery notes here. […]

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