Give geoengineering a chance to fix climate change: David Keith – News – MSN CA

But Canadian environmental engineer David Keith is taken seriously by policymakers and scientists when he speaks about the possibilities of geoengineering.

Keith was a long-time professor at the University of Calgary and is now a Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Gordon McKay Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University. He’s particularly interested in solar geoengineering, or solar radiation management, which would involve putting tiny sulphur particles into the stratosphere, where they would reflect solar energy back to space.

In his new book, A Case for Climate Engineering, Keith says that geoengineering is a “brutally ugly technical fix.” He cheerfully admits that he has a lot of qualms about it as a technology that could have dangerous and unintended consequences, and that it doesn’t address the root cause of climate change: the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

But, as Keith told The Sunday Edition’s Michael Enright in an interview, that doesn’t mean we should ignore the fact that it could rapidly lower the Earth’s temperature and counteract some of the effects of climate change.

It’s technically feasible and relatively inexpensive to do, he adds.

And given how the global community has dragged its heels on reducing emissions, he argues, a crude, quick fix for climate change may become necessary in the decades ahead.

via Give geoengineering a chance to fix climate change: David Keith – News – MSN CA.

Pressing Refresh Notes:

I’m in the GTA and just wish I could call someone up and ask them to stop spraying. We still have snow, I’d like some of that warming everyone is freaking out about.

Is anyone else getting tired of the constant blabbering on about CO2 escaping? You would think it is more dangerous than the toxins that cause cancer and pollute our air, water and land. Not to mention people can actually die from it.

Oh…look…a plane…Russia…holy crap…a CO2 emission…run for your life…unless you are one of the people who realize we actually need CO2 to exist.


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