It’s a Good thing I Don’t Like Sardines. They Seem to be Missing.

I started saving the headlines just to keep track of it and forgot all about the sardines that seem to have vanished.

“They’re All Gone”: Shock as sardines vanish off California — Fishermen didn’t find a single one all summer — Scientist: This is about the entire Pacific coast… Canada, Mexico, U.S. — NOAA: We don’t know why. The young aren’t surviving.

Fishing for answers in British Columbia, Canada, sardine shortage

Anchovy and sardine shortage to cause sector’s 25 million reduction

Sardine Disappearance Was Foreseen But Ignored

Caught in the Sardine Shortage Net

Serious shortage of tuna and sardines

Sardine Shortage Related to Dolphin Deaths?

So Long Sardines: America’s Last Cannery Closing

I wonder if they will be back nex tyear.



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