A Tale of Two Families and New World Order

I  contemplated writing this post for quite some time. For two reasons.

One: By writing it on the internet, you get to read the words but don’t get to see the proof that I am just an everyday person who is just like anyone else. In no way high-class, more lower than middle class. The average person.

Two: Even though what I am writing about seems to be some odd conspiracy or truth, (I honestly can’t say) it is just something that has been a part of some family members from a few generations ago. I highly doubt they even knew it was considered part of some “New World Order” that many people believe is bad for all of us.

I can tell you what I think. There are people who want a global government. I can imagine there are many people who would  like this, if they were the ones sitting in the throne.

Of course, if you aren’t a contender, or won’t benefit from it, then why would it be something you would want? So there must be those who will fight for and against it.

In a perfect world, with perfect people running the show, I could see this being an ideal step. Sadly, such a world does not exist. We can’t even depend on our local government to act in our best interest. Could you pick someone you would trust enough to make the rules for all of us on earth? If there was such a person, I would wager a bet, he/she wouldn’t last long upon the throne.

We read about the Illuminati, the elite,  the Bilderberg group, the Club of Rome, the Freemasons, the bankers. The list is long. I recently read about a Jesuit group a Gnostic group. And what about the Rosicrucians?

What if you had people in your family that were members of these types of groups thinking they were working for the greater good? Reading what is being said about these groups are things that those family members would not stand for and went against everything they believed in? That they were just everyday people who believed a different religion or way of life.

My husband’s family was quite well off. We found some pins that had to do with a few of these types of groups. We imagine they were his grandfathers as the rest of the family were devout Catholics and were all raised in that faith. There was never a mention of the pins or any association with these groups in his lifetime.

I can’t really remember my grandfather, but have pins, books, membership cards and certificates to a few of these types of groups. My grandmother only mentioned a metaphysical group she belonged to that taught about the things many people believe are a part of the “New World Order” I found articles both she and my grandfather wrote in their booklets. It was only after she passed away that I found her membership to a Rosicrucian order.

I have hundreds of booklets, courses, secret teachings on this subject that belonged to her. One thing I can assure you she was not even close to being elite. She did not worship the devil, believed in God, Karma and in being a good person.

Maybe these groups have people at the top-level that has an agenda unknown to the lower level members. Maybe they collect these lower level to keep the money rolling in, to plant mental seeds, spread the word, and get people used to the idea,  not knowing what the real agenda is.

I can’t even tell you what the real agenda is, if there is one, and whether it is for our benefit or not. I got rid of half the books, kept the old/rare ones and even made an attempt to study them. Some of it was a bit hard to believe, some (to me) were way out there that I couldn’t even take it seriously. Then came the mathematical aspect of it and my eyes glazed over. All of it interesting. I could understand the concept, but I don’t know, I think my husband would be more into it than me. At least he would be able to make sense of curves in math!

I was raised this way as  child. To me having my tea leaves/tarot cards read was routine. Thinking bad things brought the same back to me. Karma was part of everyday life. Gem stones and positive thoughts healed. We only saw a doctor in a dire emergency. Negative thinking made us sick and bad things would happen to us. UFO’s, ghosts, psychics, fairies, trolls, esp, paranormal powers were real and there were people (not in our family) that could see/use them. That was normal to us. No one in our family were fanatics. They didn’t run around talking about it. (Though my grandmother was known as the town witch) I don’t think any of us kids took it too serious, though it was something we thought was everyday normal stuff, the same as someone who was raised in any religion would be, and once we reached a certain age, dismissed it like most teens do.

The idea that my grandparents could be thought of as a part of “New World Order” is almost laughable. There have been many times I have read one of the booklets and wanted to write about it, and didn’t want to for that reason.

If what they say about these groups is true, I don’t want to play a role in it. Yet, there are so many interesting things in those books that are good ideas and interesting topics. Some of the books I read were written in the 30’s – 50’s and have topics I read about now, things people are just starting to talk about, thinking they are new ideas. Far from it. A lot of these things are old news being brought out as new or recently discovered. Health topics too.

Maybe it started out with good intentions and somewhere along the way, attracted the wrong type of people. Wish I knew.

I remember reading something on-line that one of the goals was to only promote the fanatical side of religion in the main stream media so people would get turned off of it all-together and joining these religions (any of them) would be less appealing. The thought was that no one would ever want a one world government or some form of utopia on earth if they believed a better place awaited them in their after life. That was when they started pushing the “new age” religion/belief. We can all be God, right here on earth. A new faith for all to follow. That everything is for a reason, even the bad things. To never question anything, it is all for the greater in the end. And be sure to meditate because a blank slate can be much easier to manipulate. True or not, I don’t have the answer. Though, when I read Shirley MacLaine attended “The State of the World Forum,” a planetary confabulation sponsored by the Gorbachev Foundation, it did make me wonder if everything I was raised to believe is wrong or bad.

Maybe the lower level people are out for the greater good, because I know the people in our family would be shocked to read what the upper level people are working toward. I can assure you they were not “in the know”, they were not elites (my family was dirt poor). It was just a belief system they found a sense of well-being in. Like a person of any other religion.

Maybe there is good and bad in everything.





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