If Times Get Tough, Be Prepared

Preparedness Nuggets Index – These Preparedness Nuggets are composed of information gleaned from various online discussions in 1998-1999. It is the internet equivalent of talking about various subjects with a neighbor over the back fence.  In providing this information, I am not giving any warranty or guarantee that everything here is accurate and correct.  So you use this information — or you don’t use this information — at your own risk and responsibility.

Pressing Refresh Notes:  There have been so many weather related disasters than I have ever seen before. Will you be prepared to sit through days or weeks without power? What if it lasts longer? Wouldn’t you rather be prepared than scared, cold and hungry?

What would you do if the your electronic banking cards, credit cards couldn’t be used due to power loss? No money. No swiping your card for food or gas.

I would rather sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet, than be in a panic and useless.



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One thought on “If Times Get Tough, Be Prepared

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