Mythological Messages from the Body

Do we hear the stories rising from the cellular structures within our bodies? So often we limit consciousness to our cerebral hemispheres and fail to hear the narratives whispering, or perhaps shouting, within the consciousness of our tissues and organs. We have given a lot of attention to the brain and very little to the body. Carl Jung (1969) theorized that a neural substrate could contain a form of archetypal consciousness.

The ability to hear and feel the sub-personalities, fragmented self parts and archetypal forces related with life narratives is greatly enhanced by breathing practices. Breath therapies help to release the tension stored in our muscular structures. They have a powerful effect upon the psychophysiology of the breather as they stimulate the neural system. The breather then begins to experience increased energy moving through the blocks and character armoring as neural winds begin to blow.

via Mythological Messages from the Body.


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