Metaphysical Teachings and New World Order

I have been reading some books that belonged to my Gran (not only ones about metaphysics) because she had always asked that I would at some point in my life. Now that she is gone, I wish I had read them earlier so I could ask her view-point on some things that seem…well…odd.

Many of the things she was into people have said ties into the “New World Order” I don’t doubt there are some who want a one world government, we might as well just forget about the illusion of a government and call it what it is, rule maker, power, the ones who control what we can and can’t do with our life, while paying them to do their thing.

You could spend your entire life trying to achieve the highest goal set for these teachings from the guru’s and never get there. I’m not trying to knock people who mean well or believe in this. Every belief/religion has good points. They can provide well-being and good spirit better than any pill out on the market. Being positive, doing good for others, compassion, kindness…who could say that is wrong? I truly believe your mind can make you ill or keep you well. I just think it has more to do with how your body works, when you are stressed and negative, your body doesn’t function properly.

So, if certain beliefs are what keep you balanced and positive, it can certainly benefit your health.

The other side (being able to go to other dimensions, levitate, control things with your thoughts…) is what I have trouble with. I am not saying I am right and they are wrong. I just don’t know if it is possible. Or if anyone has achieved it in the way it is taught. For me, seeing is believing. I have read it, haven’t seen anyone do it yet.

Is that why such societies are so secretive? Not because the lower level people aren’t learned or disciplined enough to level up, but because they know it probably will never be attainable? The lower level masses just keep the money and word spreading. It also keeps them in line.

And for those high up, if they really believe what they are taught, they also know they will never attain that goal, for doesn’t one have to be pure of heart? Not even a speck of selfishness can be in a passing thought. To look at the list of who belongs to this group, we hardly have to worry about that happening.

Which leads me to the conclusion it is all just a “count me in too” group of people who use another religion as a front for whatever it is they want to happen. The only power they have is money, greed, and the means to make it happen. Unfortunately for us, they do have it.

While we are taught to be meek and mild, to never question anything, everything has a purpose…oh, and recite this and all the mean-spirited, bad things we have done will be forgiven, they do whatever they wish, not a care in the world. And we pay for it in more ways than with our wallet. That is a sore spot with me. We bank roll all of it. And then we get stuck with the problems it causes, be it health, economy, environment…

We have to remember everything these groups, corporations, ngo’s, people taking donated money and not doing what they say, it is all happening because they are allowed to do it. Because our own governments let them do it. If there is going to be change, we have to stop the people who are allowing this to happen from getting elected again and again, that includes our local officials too. We have to follow the rules and they should too. They want to be “in on our every movement” they should not be scoffing that we ask for their disclosures too. They should also have the same consequences for their actions or in-actions that we do. There are laws in place for everyone to abide by, not just some of us. If they do not follow them isn’t that just setting a precedent? Can’t we just choose to follow that precedent? If we can’t, why?

Back to the metaphysics books again, other than the things mentioned above one does not sit well with me. That part that we should dismiss all that is “distasteful.” Meaning, we can’t say something is good or bad. We have to be indifferent to everything that happens. Not to react with bias of any kind. That we should not judge ANY actions as right or wrong. I understood the thought behind it, to think about bad things gives them power or helps create things like that into reality.

There is a belief that many of these societies worship satan and conduct immoral rituals. Then I read a passage in one of the books that basically said to pass the next level you must be able to set aside morals. You must be able to set aside being repulsed by anything.

I don’t get it. If you have to be pure of heart, yet you are taught that immoral things are really not immoral, that it is just a physical/material world issue, well then, by golly, you too can achieve your god like powers here on earth.

So, maybe all those in the group can achieve the highest goal after all! It gets more mind-boggling as I delve further into it.

Maybe this will fully be explained as I advance in the teachings (that they warn should not be shared). I am going to keep reading because I want to understand where they are coming from.

There are good ideas, promotion of being a good person, helping others. Then things like that pop up and it doesn’t seem to fit. It’s confusing. But what religion isn’t?

Me, I probably won’t be around for the outcome. They tend to work over decades and generations. Most things, they will accomplish. But these new generations, ones we make fun of for their way of living, are quite a smart bunch too. They have only known this new way of living, all this technology. We may say they expect too much and don’t work as hard as we did. Maybe they don’t or won’t have too. They may not be able to give change without the help of a machine, but in this day and age, who has to? They fit into this new world with ease. They are global, they are more aware. They are not stupid by any means. If there is any hope for a brighter future, it is in their hands now, not ours. We can only hope we have raised a generation that also cares about others. If we can do that, we have succeeded.

That is all it takes in the end. We have to care.



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