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In 2008 her agency therefore produced a 275-page document categorising areas at risk of flooding under six policy options. These ranged from Policy 1, covering areas where flood defences should be improved, down to category 6, where, in the name of ‘biodiversity’, the policy should be to ‘take action to increase the frequency of flooding’. The paper placed the Somerset Levels firmly under Policy 6, where the intention was quite deliberately to allow more flooding. The direct consequences of that we are now seeing round the clock on our television screens.“

via UK Floods: Return it to the Sea | Daily Browse.

Pressing Refresh Notes:

After so many years of following these types of occurrences, I always look at things like this and wonder what purpose is behind it.

Sad, isn’t it?

Land grabs for ports, pipelines, business tend to begin with it being “for the environment”.

It is rarely ever for the environment, almost always for profit. I laugh when I read in comments and blogs blaming the left-wing, environment fanatics when, years later we find that it was a capitalist or corporate (socialist) welfare move. Sorry to use labels, but just wanted to flip the coin. (I try to steer clear of public school antics)




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