How to Take What You Want Guide

I just finished reading these two pdf files:

East – West Cluster Conference

28 -31 October 2002 Udine , Grado

Cluster Development in Ukraine Experience and Perspectives

35 page pdf

Template Revolutions:
Marketing U.S. Regime Change in Eastern Europe

22 page pdf

Obviously, Ukraine has been in the cross hairs for quite some time. The articles (I would recommend the second one) show how it is done. The money spent will shock you.

How about saving our own country?

While North America crumbles with our decaying infrastructure, foreclosures, and poor education. We  are also dealing with a government that seems to care more for companies than the people who fund all this for them. They get our money to fight “climate change” yet ignore real environmental dangers, which we, in turn, end up paying for with hard-earned money, our health and well-being.

If we complain, we are labeled and targeted. Protesting in our so-called democracy is akin to being a home-grown terrorist.

It is like the people we pay to make sure we are all treated fairly, kept safe in terms of economy and health, who have been given the ability to spend the people’s money to benefit “the people”  turned a 180 somewhere, and decided we are not worth it and some of us are even looked at like we are suspects of some sort.

Where did we all go wrong? What happened?

They all talk about climate change and fail to mention 50 years of actual weather modification that they have been using, not tried on a computer model. That information can be easily found doing a search on the internet. So what is the big secret and why not include the fact when doing studies. It is not a secret anymore.

Claiming opposition to pipelines and other energy projects is due to climate change. Is this their way of making it something the right and left can argue about instead of the real health and environmental hazards? A way to have the people bankroll projects and ignore the fact there is very little payback to our country in the end.

What a deal for them, they take, the people pay.

It is time North American leaders lead their own countries. Fix what is decaying here, get some quality control happening in what is being built and what needs fixing. Stop all the over priced projects, set realistic goals and prices. Get their feet on the ground here. Do their job here.

We don’t need studies, consultants, marketing ads, propaganda. We just need people to do the job they are paid to do. If you aren’t helping the process, or have the don’t have knowledge to do that, step aside, stop taking money and let the people who do know, do it.

How many years and dollars have been spent on other countries? What is the benefit for the people funding it? The everyday people? Is your life getting any easier? Do you see our country upgrading our roads or water pipelines? Our bills are sky-rocketing. People are broke. Our “approved” safe food supply is constantly being recalled and many of the pharma pills doled out, later called back. Yet no one is accountable for anything.

Except us, the people paying for it.

Who is going to stand up for us? Who is going to help? Isn’t that their job. I want my government back.

The next pdf files I will be reading:

The role of NGOs in the emerging civil society in Ukraine (2009)

NATO Summit: Making Peace with Russia, Canada not Withstanding (2010)

Prospects for Democratic Transition in the Middle East and North Africa (2007)



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