I Struggle With the New Age Idea, Do You?

I was raised with what most would call New Age and Occult beliefs. Nothing to do with Satanism but a firm belief in God and Jesus. When I look back it was kind of everything goes as long as you were a good person. That anything you did that wasn’t, would come back to you ten-fold. God was not found in a church but inside you.

My family believed in the paranormal, thinking was what made you ill or kept you well. Vaccination was poison, doctors were people who didn’t know better.

They believed one day the ice would melt, the earth would tilt and everyone useless or bad would be gone. I could go on but I am sure you get the idea.

We were free to choose our own beliefs. I went to different churches by myself as a child until my Mother made me stop when I stood up in my sleep and started preaching to my siblings that Satan was going to get us all! I have no recollection of it but I guess I scared the crap out of them. I’m in my 40’s now and I still can’t watch movies or read books that have anything to do with demons. I’d have trouble sleeping for weeks! I guess the churches were good at putting the fear of God in me.

I do struggle with the logic of religious texts of any kind. Still, I want to believe in some form of God. I can’t help it.

New Age spirituality seemed to fit me best until all this New World Order stuff that I read and its role in that belief. Maybe there are two sides? What if what I read is true, that this new “one religion” is just a step towards the NWO? Or maybe there are two opposing objectives.

Once again, I struggle with the logical side of all of it.

In a perfect world, I like the idea of a One World Everything. But this is not a perfect world, and there are no perfect people to run it. We can’t even bring peace between Israel and Palestine for over half a century! Hardly anyone feels safe to talk about it, much less try to address the real issues. The MSM just started acknowledging the facts in the past few years.

There is always war going on somewhere on this planet. Corporations have more pull than the people. The people in power now, would be making global decisions. Thanks, but no thanks. It would only be the same but we would probably not even rate a one on their meter.

I do like the idea that every religion is the path to God, not just one. Even one currency doesn’t bother me unless it is digital and every aspect of our life is on their radar. I don’t even like my family following my every step. Some privacy in life is always needed. Everyone needs alone time. The fact that just writing about things like this (from what I have read), could have me labeled by authority figures. If we don’t agree 100% with everything, we are somehow against them. We become suspicious. How sad.

But, if what they say about this One Religion is true, and it is just one of the steps towards the NWO,  are the books merely blueprints for the future? Planting the seeds for what is to come? That there really is no prophecy, they are just getting us prepared for it and having us feel like we are playing an important role in saving humanity, when, in reality, we are pawns in the game.

If so, it really was a great strategy.

Pretty much every metaphysical book I have read, dated from the 1930’s until now, tell the same story. And I have read they are very patient when it comes to reaching the ultimate goal. (If, the NWO agenda is real. I am almost certain it is.)

If so, what is it they want from us? What can we expect? What do they want us to believe?

I will choose a few newer books and things written for this post. (Mostly from the early 90’s)

They want us to believe that New Age energy was responsible for “freeing” people from iron curtain countries and reunifying them together into one democratic society. (The EU?) It is said to have played a role in forming the EEC (European Economic Community).

Expect to see: Many countries will break-up, only to unite with other ones. (happened and still is)


Any religion/belief can be a path to God. There is not just one right religion. I agree, but to change the people who don’t: We can expect them to make the people not following new religion seem like they are narrow-minded, exclusionary and being bigots. It will come down to deciding one single religion or perish. They will continue to make all religions seem fanatical, the beliefs are not logical and will continue to make it a less appealing thing to join or continue belonging to.

We can expect them to start small, with Christian churches that allow all faiths but still using the Bible as its main teaching and allow room for other esoteric beliefs. Go from there. Eventually the bible would have to go.

Younger generations will look at religion like we do mythology. Folk lore. Something their parents believe in, like they did the Easter Bunny.

You will not have to attend church, as God lives inside you.

They want us to believe an alien race may even come here to help guide us through the transition.


Paranormal abilities will be accepted and normal. Notice the large number of TV shows and movies about abilities? I always look to tv programs to see what they are going to “push” next. Since 9/11 look at all the shows and movies that made the loss of our freedoms/rights and privacy normal and the people enforcing them super cool. Makes me wonder why there has been an awful lot of zombie crap too. I can only imagine where they are going with that one.

My thoughts: being one with everyone sounds good to me. Accepting all beliefs too. This could backfire on them if people do follow this direction but don’t fall for the ultimate end plan of nwo.

Countries that won’t go along with this will end up (probably an instigated) civil war or at war with another country.

Churches will become a thing of the past. Things that were once considered works of the devil will be accepted. (Occult/Magic and paranormal powers) The media will be used to promote this agenda.

We can expect: World wide freedom to travel anywhere, Free trade.

We can expect the acceptance of changes in our medical system, as they will have to include all countries and their beliefs and ways they regard what medical treatment is. We will find much more funding and research into all kinds of medicine, natural, including the use of oxygen, hydrogen peroxide and non-physical energies. Royal Rife claimed he had invented an electrical frequency machine that could heal damaged tissues. People had stated their cancer was cured. We just may look further into using frequencies/vibrations for many things.

A few years ago, I would write that off like a bad joke. After plenty of reading, it seems even the  military is researching this technology.

Remember, all things have to be inclusive. Expect to see world views accepted, they have to rope in everyone or it won’t work. There will be an end to big pharma but they will fight it tooth and nail.

We can expect: Columbian drugs to be choked off. Through intervention of man-made “natural” calamities like earthquake or drought if war doesn’t end it. “War on all Drugs including big pharm.” Remember the new age religion is opposed to all drugs inhibiting you from ascending further. Not a bad thing to me. Just my feelings. I respect your choice to disagree.

We can expect an economic collapse, nuclear event or near miss of asteroid, to get people to change their ways. After that even more people will be said to have to have remarkable gifts of the psychic kind.

Look for talk of free energy from world leaders!

Watch for a new material made from carbon. glass like. there is one now, search it. made from desert like sand. I just read about something a while ago: Graphene

They admit they are finding it very difficult to change people’s eating habits, no matter what they do or say.

The new religion can be used to stop people eating meat just by saying they can’t advance if they do as it blocks their vibrational level. Meat will begin to be seen as unsuitable food.

Look for ways they will try to make trees and plants as food products.

Municipal water will not be considered safe, they will find new “natural” water supply. I wonder if that leaves them free to do what they want to our lake and ocean water. Privatize them too? Allow companies the freedom to take, divert, or pollute them as much as they want?

We can expect more freedoms in oppressed countries Reform.

After Russia reforms, China will follow. The goal would start with each continent merging as one, then all as one. This could take generations.

They want us to get rid of our sense of self, each place will integrate voluntarily or be isolated until they give in.

They will start with a common currency on continents. Then world-wide earthquakes will unite the people. There will be massive amounts of death and debris, somehow, in order to help people across the planet, we will convert to one money to make it easier.

On the science front we will look back to the idea of Aether again. It will become important in the magnetic, electrical, gravitational fields in regards to movement including the movement of heavy objects.

We were to expect the normal usage of holographic projection. (Which we have)

Unification will end up including the entire universe, people will have to get used to the idea first and that might take a while. Russia might announce the existence of aliens, soon after the US will follow suit.

But for all this to happen, we are to sit back and let all the bad things in this world continue, because it was to be. It had to happen in order to reach the New Age. We will save all humanity if we ignore corruption, be silent, good workers. All we have to do is think on it, will it to change. Ignore people dying all over the world because we don’t care if they are starving, we simply must not allow them to develop before we have control over their resources. we can’t care how certain groups of people continue to be oppressed because they have nothing to benefit us. War, pollution, toxins. It’s all good. It is meant to be. Take a breath, stop being so negative and judgmental, you are going to ruin this for everyone. The world will end without spiritual uplifting. You have to be a part of it or we will all perish.

Wouldn’t it be quicker to demand an end to all the destructive behavior as one? If everything is supposed to be “one” how about equal rights, accountability and law for one and all, not just some. It shouldn’t matter what uniform you wear, what job you have. Equal rules and consequences for everyone. After all, we are all one: Human.

If something is ignored, swept aside, forgiven or accepted for some, can’t we all have that same outcome or choice?

I guess we will find out in the end what the facts are, or we won’t. It’s getting hard to believe anything anymore.

I can see the good and bad in all of it. I just wish I knew what the right answer is. If it is true (a type of blueprint) then at least we are getting a heads up on what they want and are up to. If not, well from my point of view, it’s just another type/choice of religion, everyone has a right to believe what they want. (for now anyway)

Either way, I will keep reading them.

Many of the topics were taken from “The Aquarian Wave: A Prophetic Handbook for the 90’s by Maurice B. Cooke


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