The Integrity in Science Database

The Integrity in Science Database is another good research tool to have at your fingertips.

Quote from site:

“Monitoring, Exposing, and Opposing Conflicts

The Integrity in Science (ISS) Project combats corporate influence on science and science-based public policy. We scrutinize more than 200 science-based federal advisory committees for undisclosed conflicts of interest, monitor the media and scientific literature for failure to disclose, and encourage the adoption of strong disclosure policies. ISS publishes the weekly Integrity in Science Watch e-Newsletter and maintains an open database of public records of scientists’ ties to industry.

Search the Database

Do your own conflict of interest research in our database of over 4,000
scientists. You should know that the database is not comprehensive and does not imply that anyone acted improperly or the results of industry-funded activities are invalid. Likewise, exclusion from the database should not be interpreted as the absence of corporate ties.”

I have added it to my Links page which you can find at the top of my site.


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