Ukraine Had Nuclear Weapons?

I didn’t know that they ever had nuclear weapons. According to The Case for a Ukrainian Nuclear Deterrent (1993), the break-up of the Soviet Union left Ukraine with almost 4,000 nuclear weapons.

By 1992 they had given Russia all their tactical nuclear weapons, leaving 1,656 strategic nuclear weapons.

There are also 14 operational nuclear reactors in Ukraine. War between Ukraine and any country could be disastrous for millions if they were left unattended or attacked.

This article at the Huff Post said they had given the remaining weapons to Russia in 1996.

Further reading states that Ukraine does have the ability to produce nuclear weapons.

I can’t see any of this going nuclear. They are right next to each other and would be hurting their own people and environment too.

In fact, I was surprised it escalated as far as it has. I wrote it off as another wag-the-dog crisis.


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