Preparedness Sites

Will you be prepared to sit through days or weeks without power? What if it lasts longer? Wouldn’t you rather be prepared than scared, cold and hungry?

What would you do if the your electronic banking cards, credit cards couldn’t be used due to power loss? No money. No swiping your card for food or gas.

I would rather sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet, than be in a panic and useless. With a bit of knowledge and a few skills, you can make it through the aftermath of natural disasters, an economic crash or come what may.

I did write about this before:

If times get tough: Be prepared.

I think I will start a Preparedness list on my Links page.

For now you can see topics in the “If Times Get Tough” category section. Here are a few sites you can find useful information.

Alpha Disaster Contingencies

Bread and Original Yeast – Home-made yeast and dough.

Mother Earth News – One of the best!

Natural Building Blog

Tiny House Design

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