Why We Need CBC | Farmer Far Afield

Canadians are the people who share this space whether they speak Anishinnaabe, English, French, Farsi, Mandarin or any language. Our local and provincial lives may be different, we may carry different cultural practices and trace our bloodlines to the soil of different regions, but we are nonetheless connected. We are different patches of a quilt that stretches across six time zones and touches three oceans and we are held together through the stories and the narratives that we share with each other.

Public broadcasters are the collection agencies for those stories and the medium through which we access them. Reducing our access to common stories reduces Canadians’ ability to empathize and engage with each other. It confines the construction of our national identity to museums and textbooks and lessens our ability to actively and collectively construct it. Most of us simply don’t have the time or energy to dig those stories out from the archives but we can pick them up readily when they are available. CBC makes them available.

Beyond constructing our history, any responsible democratic government requires an informed and active population. We need public platforms on which to explore and debate the decisions that our representatives make at the federal level. Canada is large and Canadians are diverse; national public broadcasting is uniquely situated to gather that diversity. CBC is the town hall in which this country meets.

via Why We Need CBC | Farmer Far Afield.

What a great post! The cutbacks to the CBC are a disgrace.  Save the CBC! At least it is worth the money spent. How about all the bogus expenses by public servants that had to be paid back go to the CBC?


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