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The Genome Database for Rosaceae serves the almond, apple, apricot, blackberry, cherry, nectarine, peach, pear, raspberry/blackberry, rose and strawberry communities. Despite the importance of the Citrus industry and the availability of significant genomic resources, there was no central repository for Citrus genomics and genetics data — until now. This project has built on the work of existing commuity databases to create a standardized user-friendly genomics platform for tree fruits and rosaceae crops – the Tree Fruit Genome Database Resources (tfGDR).

The goals of these databases are link all the information that has been painstakingly gathered regarding genomic sequences, variation in genomic sequences, linkage maps, gene functions, gene expression, QTL and biological traits. This database is a fully integrated “one-stop shop” of genomic information about the Rosaceae and citrus crops. The goals of this undertaking are 3-fold:

(1) to assist translation geneticist by providing whole and partial genome sequence information, linkage maps, and functions for browsing the genome, searching the whole genome and comparing genetic maps within an across species.

(2) to provide resources for applied researchers such as plant breeders such at QTL data, molecular diversity data and genotype/phenotype data to enable the practical application of these resources for genetic improvement.

(3) to link these genomic resources to putative gene function and metabolic pathways so that researcher scientists may build upon this previous research most effectively.

Growers producing fruit and flowers in the Rosaceae and Citrus families face imminent challenges to their industries due to pest and disease threats, global market dynamics, and demand for excellent fruit quality and flavor. The tree fruit Genome Database Resources tfGDR is a collection of several completed genomes that scientists can use to help solve these challenges. It also provides bioinformatics resources and software tools to aid scientists in their quest to join durable disease/pest resistance and excellent fruit quality.

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