Making Some Changes

I thought having one blog for all my interests was a good idea (for me). It turns out that news and politics do not mix well with personal/crafts/gardening/music…I could go on.

News and Politics are important topics to me. I tried to stop my interest in it for my own peace of mind. All that crap and corruption can be quite depressing at times. I haven’t even been able to actually write my own posts on things, keeping up with the headlines is hard enough.

Whatever, that is my issue, not yours. Just letting you know that I will be deleting most posts that do not fall into the news/politics category.

As much as I would like to keep just one blog, I will be separating the two. Back to having YET ANOTHER blog. How many have I had here at WordPress?

I have re-posted some of my posts on the other blog ( pourmoi2 ), others I might just delete for good.

Everything is a work in progress.

Just giving a heads up.


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