The New World Order Reporter

What would the headlines look like in the future?

I was scrolling down my “Reader” full of WordPress bloggers and came across a headline that perked my interest written by Jon Rappoport:

Virginia Stoner: new media, huge possibilities

Virginia’s site is based on the premise that, through a “time leak,” news is coming to us from the future, specifically 2042.

Satire, parody, the cracking of fake realities, it’s all there…and better yet, the site could become a magnet, a Grand Central Station, a public outlet for artists all over the world who work from imagination.”

Please click on the link above to go to his site and read the full  post.  A great opportunity for everyone to contribute what they think our future has in store for us. Everyone has a chance to become a reporter for the future.

The part that appealed to me most was that this can be satire. It can also be what you truly believe might happen if we continue the path we are on. I was left boxes of books from my grandmother. She was interested in many different things. Some of it I rolled my eyes and wondered if she really believed in everything she read. I think she did. So many things seemed a little “out there” for my comfort level.

Who am I to judge? I could be the one who is blind. What if the things she read were blueprints for the future some people are planning on? It’s not like I know what is really happening out there. Or why. It might not be any more far-fetched than any other religion/belief. It’s not like the idea hasn’t been used before to get people to get used to an idea or plan decades before it is introduced to society. For good or bad.

I really struggle with what to believe or not to. I struggle with so many things that are beyond my comfort level. I have tried several times to write about the things I read. I’ve tried several blogs and gave up. Mostly because there seems to be a line I can’t cross and still feel like I am not posting a bunch of information I would expect to find on those magazine/newspaper racks with headlines we would read while waiting in line but never actually purchase. I can’t remember what we used to call them.

Now, we can look at what the so-called real newspapers print and wonder what the truth is. It’s hard to believe anything anymore. There seems to be another truth behind every headline and we aren’t entitled to it. Say anything often enough and it can become the new reality. That is how people get things done now. Nothing is what it seems. Will we ever know the real reasons things are being done? I doubt it. We always wonder though.

This new site gives anyone a chance to wonder how things might work out, or how things are being planned. A way to take some information, run with it and still remain with a shred of credibility intact . I try to live my life not worrying about what people think of me. I read a book and want to share some of the information, a problem arises when half of it is filled with things I believe should be shared and the other half is full of things that made me question my grandmothers sanity. I have never been accused of being normal, I have always been open to ideas and thoughts. Like I said, it’s not like I have the answers to the universe and what we are doing in it. I don’t want to be thought of as bat-shit-crazy either. So, I guess deep down I still care what other people think.

So many times I pick something up and wonder why it is happening, and try to piece different things together. Then think, if I actually post it, “they” will think I’m nuts!

While I toy with all the possibilities I will pull one of my old “curiosities” out of my hat.

Remember the NAFTA Super Highway aka the Super Corridor?

I always wanted to print out a huge map of it, put it up on a wall and add pins to where “natural disasters” take place, land grabs, water diversion, all kinds of things that end up on that exact spot. Crazy? Maybe. Sad? Yes.

It is sad that I question what lengths some people will go to, to get what they want. It is sad that sometimes they get away with it. That these types of things actually do occur.

It is sad that people have lied to the public to follow a goal or plan and that we even have to ponder over questions or thoughts like I have. I would have never felt comfortable sharing this thought before. But nothing would surprise me anymore. I don’t like thinking like that. This is not Utopia, no one is perfect and that highway might be a great idea. I always wonder at what cost it comes to the public. The greater good of everyone and not the few.

There are great ideas out there if it was used for the greater good. Where everyone could benefit from it. Not just part-time, or short-term employment.

If I were a better writer, I’d jump at the chance to write about the many topics I read and wonder why it was done or where it was headed.


(Taken from The Superhighway Facts)

Do you ever ponder our future? Just wanting a place to let your artistic side loose, your inner journalist or sci-fi author waiting to for a place to be published? This new site might be your answer. The future “Hollywood” just might be waiting for you!

The New World Order Reporter

It looks like it could be fun! Let me know if you end up being a contributor.



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