My People – Yusuf aka Cat Stevens

We are one people. We are all human. Let’s stop killing each other.

So much killing all over the world. It seems no one is seriously interested in stopping it. Is this the plan? Is this supposed to be the last grasp of straw to implement the old plan to have “the people” demand NWO? I don’t know. I think the only way to end this madness is for all “the people” to opt out. Opt out of the game, the funding of it. No funds, no more war. But that is something that would never happen.

It is sad to know that every one of us are paying to keep this going. All of it. All this crap. Not just killing and so-called war. Everything that is harming the soil, water, people, air. We keep it going. My one wish would be for a democracy that allows us to opt out of being a part of it.

No one is speaking for the average Joe. No one is working on behalf of the average Joe. But they sure need us to keep the madness going. Sorry for this negative post. It’s just so sad, such a shame and if there really were world leaders that were less interested in power and greed, this world could be a wonderful place to live in peace. Here’s hoping people grow a heart sooner than later.



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