Why Don’t Palestinians Matter?

We hear outrage over funded regime change civil wars with far less civilian casualties. They shout, they blame, they pretend they care. At least they pretend.

Yet, nothing for the Palestinians. No outrage. Not even a hint of giving a crap. They have no interest in Palestine. They don’t need them for anything as long as they have no control of any possible resources in the area. And you can be sure if things stay the way they have for decades, they never will.

All is good for everyone who will profit from this continuing. To step in and would go against everything they have been working toward.

So, if the deaths and collective punishment of the Palestinians are acceptable to our own leaders, they are telling us some people are worthless. They are telling us that it is acceptable to take whatever land we want by use of force and regardless of law. We can bulldoze homes and farms. We can blow up hospitals and schools. We can keep people like we do animals in zoos. For decades! It’s all good! It just depends who you are doing it to. Some folks just don’t matter. It’s like the bloody wild west!

For anyone who find this acceptable, educate yourself. If Americans Knew is a great place to start. If after reading the facts and facing reality, you still think this is acceptable, well…I don’t know what to say. But my heart goes out to you. I hope you get well.

I think it is important to keep talking about this. We can’t stop caring. We have to let our leaders know it is time for them to step in. Decades of talking about it has done nothing. They deserve to live on their land, they deserve to have the will to survive and live like the rest of us. How can they be of less value? How can this continue?

I have been writing about this (not at wordpress) for almost two decades! DECADES! What we need is an intervention. One that is fair. After all this time you would think they would catch on that that talk is cheap, it isn’t working.

How many more innocent people have to die for someone to use sanctions? It took no time to sanction Russia, even before any proof was given.

I have a few links, feel free to post or share them on your blog. We can’t let this fade into the background. The time for peace is now.
Israel elected to leadership of UN committee on “Decolonization”..oh dear..

US State Department rejects Gaza’s right to self-defense from Israeli aggression | The Electronic Intifada

9 questions about the Israel-Palestine conflict you were too embarrassed to ask

The Palestinian Information Center

Terrorism, Terrorists How Can Canada Presume To Use These Labels?

Gaza protest heats up in downtown Calgary

Nobel peace laureates and celebrities call for military embargo on Israel

Newsline: Egypt summons Turkish envoy over Gaza criticism

Call In For Gaza (facebook)

The assault on Gaza: A historic crime

Obama speaks out on Gaza onslaught, by Tim King

Newsline: Thai embassy asks Israeli government to relocate nationals from near Gaza border

In Ottawa, protesters denounce Harper’s support of Israel, war crimes in Gaza

Free Palestine Movement

National Demonstration in UK: Stop the Massacre in Gaza – Free Palestine!

Media Coverup: US Played A Decisive “Behind the Scenes Role” in Israel’s Attack on Gaza

Amira Hass – Israel’s attack on Gaza is revenge for the Palestinians’ refusal to accept occupation

Israel Guilty of Ethnic Cleansing and Apartheid, Says UN Rapporteur

DCI-Palestine mourns the loss of Hashem Abu Maria, colleague and friend, killed by Israeli forces | Defence for Children International Palestine

John Prescott: Israel’s bombardment of Gaza is a war crime – and it must end

Losing the Moral High Ground

Middle East Monitor

Stop Arming Israel

The secret report that helps Israelis to hide facts

Because this is how it should be…and could be. Don’t let our leaders tell us it can’t be done. Don’t let them forget what is happening. Don’t believe them when they pretend not to know the facts. They do. Everyone does. This generation is proving it and paving the way toward peace…


No more funding war. It’s time to fund peace! I am sure both Israel and Palestinians would rather live in peace. It’s time to let them live normal lives.


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