Libby Davies’ So-called “Mistake,” the NDP, and Israel-Palestine | The Media Co-op

In short, what is happening right now to Libby Davies happened eight years ago to Svend Robinson. More afraid of vacuous and knee-jerk allegations of “bias” and “anti-Semitism” by Canada’s pro-Israel lobby, than it is committed to supporting the right of an oppressed people to resist foreign occupation and military rule, the NDP quickly and shamefully caved in to pressure in 2002 and stripped MP Svend Robinson of his Middle East portfolio. Robinson had long been ridiculed in the Canadian mainstream press for expressing strong social justice views, and for putting his principles valid or not ahead of popularity. It was no surprise, therefore, that one of the few MP’s with any honesty and integrity about such human rights violations was quickly demoted by his own, ostensibly “social democratic” party. The avalanche of shunning was lightspeed and continental. NDP’ers in parliament as well as provincial legislatures joined the chorus of denunciation. Manitoba’s own Gary Doer, Bill Blaikie, and Judy Wasylycia-Leis took less time to publicly distance themselves from Svend Robinson in 2002 than it took to say “irrelevant careerist hack.”

via Libby Davies’ So-called “Mistake,” the NDP, and Israel-Palestine | The Media Co-op.

(Old post but still very relevant.)

Pressing Refresh Notes: I wonder when our leaders will start pandering to their citizens for votes? You know…the people who they are supposed to work for and listen to.


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