Kenya: Govt Revokes Deeds of 500,000 Acres of Land in Lamu

“For far too long this pattern of mismanagement of our public resources has resulted in the dispossession, strife and poverty of Kenyans. The level of impunity revealed by the audit is unprecedented, untenable and unacceptable,” said the President, who had earlier revealed the audit results and his planned action to more than 100 Lamu political and religious leaders, including Governor Issa Timamy.

The companies whose title deeds were revoked are Brick Investment Limited, Rusken International Limited, Mat International, Witu Nyangoro Ranch DA Company, Shangai Investments Limited, Fincorp Investments K Limited, Kaab Investments, Sheila Ranch limited, Dynamic Trading Co. Limited, Savannah Fresh Fruits Exports and Mokowe Kibokoni Ranch Limited.

Others are Panda Nguo Boni Community, Baragoni Boni Community, Khalrala Ranch, Cyberdom Investments, Baragoni Ranch; Enganani Ranch; Lamu Investments; Amu Ranch and Maalim Ranch.

He said a comprehensive land audit done by the Government revealed shocking details in which between 2011 and 2012 almost 500,000 acres of public land was alienated under dubious and corrupt circumstances.

via Kenya: Govt Revokes Deeds of 500,000 Acres of Land in Lamu.


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