In Memory: Nour al-Islam Abu Hweishel

What will it take to put an end to the collective punishment and the illegal land grab against innocent people?

Humanize Palestine

Nour al-Islam Abu Hweishel, 12 years old, was killed on July 22, 2014 by an Israeli airstrike that hit his home in Nusseirat refugee camp, located near Deir al-Balah. Two other family members Radhi Abu Hweighsel, 40 years old and Obeida Abu Hweishel, 15 years old, were also killed in the attack.

In this video, he recites (addressing the Arab world): “We in Gaza are well, tell me, how are you? … Our martyrs are under piles of destroyed buildings, our children are living in tents, where are you?” He ends with: “We thank you for your support. Our souls, wounds, sky, homes, faces, blood, eyes, and coffins are protecting us from your promises.”
The video below is Nour Abu Hweishel, still in kindergarten, practicing a presentation for his class.

Source: IMEMC

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