Ocean Fertilization Anyone?

I am so far behind in my posting of interesting tidbits of info and can’t even remember if this 55 page pdf on Scientific Synthesis of the Impacts of Ocean Fertilization on Marine Biodiversity.

A statement from this article caught my eye:

In 1991, John Martin famously stated “ Give me a half a tanker of iron and I will give you another ice age,” giving rise to the concept of “ocean   fertilization.”

There have been quite a few proposals to deal with the seemingly biggest enemy out there called CO2 and Climate Change. I don’t doubt there is such a thing happening in regards to our climate changing. I am not educated in this area, but it doesn’t take a genius to wonder what happened to the pollutants caused by manufacturing companies. The ones dumping poison waste and toxins into our water, land and air.  It’s like any concern about these dangerous chemicals have all but disappeared. The only thing we have to worry about is CO2.

People have suffered, wildlife, anything that dwells in water. Cancers and illness go all but ignored. Nothing to see here!

Now we have big business looking to profit from carbon sequestration. Maybe it is something to be concerned about, but they should also be concerned about the other poisons and chemicals being released every day that pose an immediate threat. Why such a media focus on ONLY CO2? The threats, the spats between opposing groups. Like nothing else is more dangerous.

I don’t ever see a mention of the use of geo-engineering and modification that may also play a role in these changes. Manipulation has to cause some change, or they wouldn’t be doing it. They are. So why not include it in discussions about climate change?

Some of the proposals regarding Ocean Fertilization include:

– The fertilization of the open ocean with iron over large scales of 40,000 km

– One company proposed to fertilize an area of ocean 560 km west of the biologically diverse Galapagos Islands using 90 tonnes of hematite. However the experiment (planned for May 2007) could not go ahead due to an inability to raise sufficient funds.

– One business community is exploring nitrogen fertilization as an engineered solution to climate change in regions where the limiting nutrient is nitrogen. It has also been argued that urea fertilization will benefit fisheries and increase localized productivity. In 2007, one organization announced plans to disperse 500 tonnes of granulated urea into the nitrogen-limited waters of the Sulu Sea, off the coast of the Philippines, via underwater pipes as part of a carbon sequestration and ocean enrichment experiment.

– An early global ocean model predicted that wide areas of the subsurface ocean would become anoxic under large-scale continuous iron fertilization. Furthermore, hypoxia and anoxia have been associated with algal blooms in many aquatic environments, leading to fish kills in coastal environments, signaling this as a potential concern for artificial nitrogen fertilization in the ocean.

I wonder if we were more concerned about stopping the other dangerous toxins being dumped, we wouldn’t have to resort to geo-engineering to try to fix it. Carbon capture and credits seem to benefit companies and the rest of this planet will pay for it. In money, death and illness.

If you doubt that geo-engineering is being done in many forms, air land and sea, just click my Geo-engineering Link tab above or click here.



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