Which Canadian Political Party is Democratic?………………NONE OF THEM!

I just started following this blog after finding this post. It’s good to remember these things. Remember…NEVER FORGET how we got to where we are. Our only form of action is to know who is behind who we we cast votes. Start your research now.

The Big Green Lie

Your LEADERS may not be what the claim to be……..DEMOCRATIC and FREEDOM LOVERS!!

It may serve the People of Canada to do a little “research into who they vote for in 4 years time, if it already isn’t too late already.  The next time the Mass Media “touts” one party over another, you may want to refer to the following every once in a while just to shake up the debate a wee bit!

The Rockefeller links of Canadian politicians…

It may re-pay the reader to spend a few minutes tracing the connections of Paul Desmarais and Power Corp. to the leading politicians, etc. ofCanada:

  • JOHN RAE: leading strategist for Prime Minister Chretien’s election campaign. Was Executive Vice- President of Power Corp. and Paul Desmarais’ right- hand man. His brother is….
  • BOB RAE: Rhodes Scholar and ex-NDP [Socialist] Premier of Ontario, who appointed….
  • MAURICE STRONG to the chairmanship of Ontario Hydro, which he proceeded…

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