Frozen Magnets and Poles.

I have just started reading about this and found it interesting. I am not an educated person, so I am having to learn things as I go. It did leave me wondering what role metals, chemicals, gases and whatever else… in our atmosphere might play (the ones that are being added by mankind). Chemtrails? Could it have an effect? Is there someone who knows this kind of thing that could answer it for me and save me months of studying?  😉

Here are some of the links that I have been reading:

One-Poled Magnets Created In Freezing Gas To Prove They Exist In Nature

“Magnetic poles usually come in pairs, one north and one south; magnetic monopoles are “lone rangers.”

Researchers have searched for monopoles in everything from moon rock to ancient minerals, but have never been able to find them in nature.

A research team worked to “create and identify” synthetic versions of these unusual poles in a artificial magnetic field created by a frigid atomic gas. The team relies on work published by Aalto’s Möttönen and student Ville Pietilä that suggested “external magnetic fields could lead to the creation of the synthetic monopole,” the news release reported.”

Deep freeze: how scientists are resurrecting magnet technology to cool refrigerators

“Eventually the team wants to shrink the technology even more so it can fit inside a refrigerator. They’ve also progressed with cooling — the teams’ material scientists developed nickel-manganese alloys for magnets that function at room temperatures. This let engineers design magnets in a series of 50 cooling stages, allowing them to reduce temperatures by 80 degrees.”

Something strange happens when you expose ice to an electrical field

“In ice, the hydrogen bonds force themselves to be spaced a little farther apart than they are in liquid water, which is why water expands and ice floats. It’s that regular spacing that made me think that ice couldn’t form any kind of dipole. What a fool I was! In an electric field, water molecules align themselves so that their positive ends face one way and their negative ends face the other. That directional quality can actually stay in the water as it freezes, so a frozen icicle can have one end with only the positive hydrogen ends of the water sticking outwards and one end with only the negative oxygen ends sticking outwards. The difference between this and the rubbed balloon or plastic rod or staticky sock? They have an abundance of one charge or the other. The balloon, for example, is negative all over. The rod, though has a positive end and a negative end. It’s a dipole. So it should be able to attract anything with an overabundance of one charge or another – provided its light enough.”

Freezing Magnetic Monopoles

“Normally all magnetic poles should be confined within two-pole couplets—the traditional magnetic dipole. However, at a low enough temperature, around 5 K, “frustration” among the magnetic atoms—they want to align with each other but can’t because of the inherent geometry of the material—leads to a disordered state with strong, synchronized fluctuations. Unpaired magnetic poles can form amid this tumult. That is, particles (quasiparticle excitations, to be exact) in spin ice with a net magnetic “charge” can exist and move about. A gas of electric charges is called a “plasma,” so some scientists refer to the analogous tenuous cloud of magnetic charges as a “monopole plasma.”

Single-pole magnet emerges in frozen concoction

“Hall had rarely thought about monopoles until 2009, when he read a paper that proposed a way to simulate one in the lab. The recipe called for a Bose-Einstein condensate, an exotic state of matter produced by cooling a gas to billionths of a degree above absolute zero. At that extreme temperature, hundreds of thousands of atoms can behave collectively like one particle, allowing scientists to simulate quantum processes on a larger scale.

In following the recipe for an artificial monopole, Hall and his team had to manipulate a condensate’s rubidium atoms, each of which acts like a compass needle. The researchers exposed the atoms to a carefully crafted magnetic field, which caused the compass needles to orient themselves toward a single point in space — as if someone had placed an isolated north-pole magnet there.”

Magnetic Poles

“In practice, there are many difficulties in the experimental determination of the locations of the dip poles, not least the remoteness and harsh climatic conditions. The main difficulty arises from the rapidly varying magnetic fields which originate in a region of near-Earth space called the magnetosphere. This region is defined by the pressure of the continuous stream of charged particles from the Sun, the so-called solar wind, on the Earth’s magnetic field. Many dynamic electrical current systems exist on the surface of, and inside the magnetosphere and are connected to the ionised upper atmosphere at high latitudes. As a result, the dip poles move considerable distances over one day, tracing out approximately oval-shaped loci on a daily basis, with large variation from one day to the next depending on solar activity.”

Earth’s magnetic field could flip within our lifetime – but don’t worry, we should be OK

“There is also the possibility that our magnetic field will be significantly weakened during the reversal process, which would leave us — and more importantly, our atmosphere — vulnerable to the eroding effects of highly charged solar particles (solar wind). This possibility has led some scientists to suggest that a geomagnetic reversal would cause an extinction event — but so far, there are no fossil records that suggest that previous reversals were followed by mass extinctions. Likewise, considering many of the species currently on Earth lived through the last geomagnetic reversal, it would seem they already have some mechanism for coping with shifts in the magnetic field.

So, to answer the question: No, the impending geomagnetic reversal probably won’t cause some kind of apocalypse — but we may have to live through a few decades of pigeons getting lost, bacteria behaving weirdly, and other semi-serious problems. There is certainly a possibility that something nasty and world-ending will be triggered by a geomagnetic reversal — but we should have plenty of warning (months, years) if that’s the case.”



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