Ebola is the new black | Deconstructing Myths

Like the nameless speaker in Ralph Ellison’s contemporary masterpiece “Invisible Man”, there are those of us who know this feeling of inconspicuousness. The corporate media outlets have unwittingly reminded us all that there exists an entire continent of people who, for all intents and purposes, have disappeared off the face of the Earth. Despite frantic reports of airports blocking flights from West Africa or highly publicized outings of infected health care workers, the outbreak barely registers on the scale of public health concerns in the U.S. While there have been isolated incidents of individuals returning abroad infected by the ebola virus, these incidents pale in comparison to the havoc the disease has wreaked upon swaths of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. The United States has in ebola a legitimate tragedy unfolding in real time. However, the disaster is not affecting the homeland in a significant way, at least not in the manner that National Propaganda Radio NPR and their ilk would have you to believe.

via Ebola is the new black | Deconstructing Myths.

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