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I have been busy the past few months. Too busy to blog, sometimes too tired to read. That meant bookmarking a multitude of things to read at a later date. That list is long!

Just because I like to share and spread good information, here is a partial list of some of those posts:

The Ongoing Propaganda War Behind GMOs Exposed

The United States has been paying farmers for over two decades to NOT produce food, yet biotech would have us believe that genetically modified organisms are necessary to feed the world. This is but one of the many lies they have perpetrated, all the while hiding the real truth behind GM crops.


A Geostrategy for Eurasia (1997)

A sustainable strategy for Eurasia must distinguish among the more immediate short-run perspective of the next five years or so, the medium term of 20 or so years, and the long run beyond that. Moreover, these phases must be viewed not as watertight compartments but as part of a continuum. In the short run, the United States should consolidate and perpetuate the prevailing geopolitical pluralism on the map of Eurasia. This strategy will put a premium on political maneuvering and diplomatic manipulation, preventing the emergence of a hostile coalition that could challenge America’s primacy, not to mention the remote possibility of any one state seeking to do so. By the medium term, the foregoing should lead to the emergence of strategically compatible partners which, prompted by American leadership, might shape a more cooperative trans-Eurasian security system. In the long run, the foregoing could become the global core of genuinely shared political responsibility.

In the western periphery of Eurasia, the key players will continue to be France and Germany, and America’s central goal should be to continue to expand the democratic European bridgehead. In the Far East, China is likely to be increasingly pivotal, and the United States will not have a Eurasian strategy unless a Sino-American political consensus is nurtured. In Eurasia’s center, the area between an enlarging Europe and a regionally rising China will remain a political black hole until Russia firmly redefines itself as a post-imperial state. Meanwhile, to the south of Russia, Central Asia threatens to become a caldron of ethnic conflicts and great-power rivalries.


Orange County California – Toll Road Extortion Racket Makes for a Good State Fundraiser!

Utah residents love to relax in sunny California. But a new automated toll road system in Orange County is causing a lot of stress and leaving many drivers facing hundreds of dollars in late fees.


Pressing Refresh Notes: I know another late fee and tax payer rip-off: the 407 (ETR)


What Is The Cost To Be Paid For Giving Up Canadian sovereignty For Global Domination?

I believe that most Canadians believe as I do that there is very little to no transparency, inclusion and empowerment of the people in federal politics any more, because the federal government no longer is serving the people of Canada and feels it no longer has to be accountable to the people of Canada.


Ontario Liberals making ‘huge mistake’ spending $700M on IT consults: NDP

Ontario’s Liberal government is making “a huge mistake” by spending over $700 million a year on outside information technology consultants, the New Democrats charged Tuesday.

The province has $130 million worth of fee-for-service deals with nearly 1,500 IT consultants, and another $570 million in contracts with large tech companies, on top of its own staff of 3,600 IT professionals, said NDP finance critic Catherine Fife.

“Many of these private IT contractors perform the same tasks as the IT staff currently employed directly by the government, except they cost two to three times more,” Fife told the legislature.


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