Geoengineering Companies/Links

Geoengineering Watch

GeoMap – 115 page chart of various geoengineering projects around the world including weather manipulation.

Weather Modification

RAP Annual Scientific Report 2004 – Precipitation Enhancement

Weather Modification Association – was organized in 1950 to cultivate a better understanding of weather modification techniques, impacts, and expectations among program sponsors, program operators, and the scientific community, and to promote ethical professional conduct and a free exchange of information.

Weather Modification Incorporated

World Meteorological Organization – Weather modification research.


Water Modification


Ocean Nourishment Corporation

Scientific Synthesis of the Impacts of Ocean Fertilization on Marine Biodiversity (pdf)




Alterna Biocarbon


Australia and New Zealand Biochar Researchers Network

BiG Black is Green – Home of BiGchar Technologies for Thermal Carbonisation of Biomass.

Biochar India –  Covers a wide range of information.

Biochar Interest Group – Blog

Biochar Solutions Inc

Cellana – Algae-based products

Enhanced Biofuels & Technologies India (P) Ltd

International Biochar Initiative

MBD Energy – MBD Energy Limited is helping to build a cleaner energy future by recycling industrial waste.

Oilgae – Oilgae is the global information support resource for the algae value added products industry.


Paific Pyrolysis

Planet Lab

Power Plant CCS

Pro Natura

Seambiotic Ltd – (pdf)

The Norwegian BioChar Competence Center


Carbon Capture and Storage

Global CCS Institute – Can find list of projects.

Power Plant CCS – Latest in CO2 Sequestration at Power Plants



Energy Projects


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