These are links to things I want to keep at my fingertips. I read both sides of the fence to stay informed.


Geoengineering Watch

GeoMap – 115 page chart of various geoengineering projects around the world including weather manipulation.

Earth Changing Extremities

ENENews – Energy News



All Africa

AntiCorruption Society

Asia Times Online – for my dose of Pepe Escobar!

Atlas Network

AudioEcon – Smart listening for students of economics

Beyond Pesticides

Biosafety Information Centre

Canadian Awareness Network – News

Canadian Daily

Canterbury Politics and International Relations

Chem-Tox – Research on health disorders resulting from petroleum-based chemicals used in consumer products, pesticides and job environments

ColdType – Writing Worth Reading From Around The World

Council for Responsible Genetics

Courthouse News Environmental Law Review – The Environmental Law Review provides the latest comprehensive environmental litigation news.

Courthouse News Service


Embassy – Canada’s Foreign Policy Newspaper.

Ethical Corporation – Business Intelligence for Sustainability

Four Winds 10 – news

Full Text Reports

Future Earth – an international hub to coordinate new, interdisciplinary approaches to research on three themes: Dynamic Planet, Global Development and Transformations towards Sustainability. It will also be a platform for international engagement to ensure that knowledge is generated in partnership with society and users of science. It is open to scientists of all disciplines, natural and social, as well as engineering, the humanities and law.

Ghana News Agency

Gizmodo – Tech news.

Hands Off Mother Earth

Ha! Tea ‘n’ Danger – for my dose of Peter Parkour!

Human Rights Watch

If Americans Knew – Israel/Palestine truth site.

Information Liberation

Intellectbase International Consortium

Intelligence Online – Intelligence Agency and Corporate Intelligence News. It’s so 007

International Modern Media Institute – Iceland-based foundation working towards rethinking media regulation, securing free speech and defining new operating principles for the global media in the digital age. We want to help better protect freedom of the press the world over by researching best practices in law and promoting their widespread adoption.

Inter Press Service

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

Metro News – Canada

Multinational Monitor – “Big Ideas for a Better World”

 Multinational Resource Center

Naomi Klein – news and books!

National Center for Biotechnology Information

National Review Online

Natural News

Naturally Savvy – Natural and Organic

PC Mag – Computer/Technology News

Project on Defense Alternatives

PR Watch – Reports on spin and disinformation.

POGO – Project On Government Oversight

Robert Singleton – A compendium of nuclear news

Resilience – “Building a world of resilient communities.”

RSOE EDIS – Emergency and Disaster Information Service

The Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute

The Hill

The Integrity in Science Database

The Lobby Monitor – Canada

The Program on Water Issues – Canada

Think Progress – News

Third World Network

Underground Documentaries

Upside Down World

War Is A Crime


World Economic Forum


Care2 – Start a Petition

SumOfUs – World-wide movement for a better global economy.


Able Child – Parents for label & drug free education

Green Med Info

National Vaccine Information Center

The Forensic Food Lab

Think Twice – Global Vaccine Institute Uncensored Information




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